mario pulver


- b 1980 Tartu, Estonia (at the time the Soviet Socialist Republic of Estonia)

- Secondary education from Miina Härma Gymnasium, 1987-1998

- BA in Public Relations from Tartu University, 2004

- MA in English Language and Literature from Tartu University, 2013

- Freelance translator (Estonian/English, English/Estonian) from 1998. As of Jan 2014 has translated over 30 books and plays plus thousands of pages of mundane texts (from contracts and press releases to installation manuals and faux Medieval English)

- Composer of electronic music. As of Jan 2014 has completed over 250 tracks

- Freelance author. As of Jan 2014 has written a dozen plays (unpublished), one novel (unpublished), several children's stories (published in 2012-13), a collection of poetry (2009)


- Produced nowadays under the alias kabbalah aggro farm; previously also as vapour rat



- MySpace

- Has never published music, but has actively composed electronic music since ca. 1995 (the earliest tracks were lost to a physical hard drive malfunction). Was a close follower and fan of NOISE, Mono211 and other early IDM scene collectives, but never submitted there.

- First heard contemporary electronic music in 1995 on the radio (kudos to Raul Saaremets) and saw Orbital on MTV. Spent much of his allowance on Aphex Twin, Orbital, The Orb and Autechre albums.

- Self-description of style: rich, almost Baroque-like mixture of heady melodies and danceable rhythms (it is IDM, after all)

- A more complete selection from ca. 250 tracks is here:

last bus to belfast 3:56 (2007)

henceforth to occident 3:40 (2006)

terralung 3:07 (2006)

terralung (daddy's own dub bit) 2:08 (2007)

chimney chimney 2:52 (2006)

batonical garden 4:32 (1999)

rebus amulet 4:08 (1998)

kamchatka 5:36 (2005)

sultry sighs of broken ashes 7:37 (2004)

summer morning 3:44 (2006), a rare bit of jungle

pyromancer 3:23 (2007), a rare bit of drum 'n bass

du du is heard 8:11 (2005), a rare bit of trance

From the collection "dr. punjab in the land of snakes" (2002)

episode III: dr. punjab lifts his eyelids and gets a hernia 5:17

episode IV: dr. punjab is filled with solutions 6:15

episode V: dr. punjab is not an evil petting zoo 8:38

From the collection "scorch" (2005)

deposit 5:27

lovable oaf 7:10

poland oil 9:27

From the collection "when the rain falls down" (2005)

The titles are parodies of country music songs

good people never breathe 3:54

christmas, snow your joy into my heart 5:39

hold your horses 4:19

you ain't never gonna take my truck 3:32

oil lakes of hampton poley 4:19

lord bonz is most displeased 2:10

Oldest tracks

halo of the other moon 5:22 (1999)

null 5:07 (1999)

scorpik plok 3:13 (1999)

mexican supernova 5:48 (1999)

bring out the gyrostat, me maties 4:56 (1999)

ice & snow (creed) 4:23 (1999)

8=3 3:21 (1999)

2000 bells 4:51 (1999) the mellow vocal is by 19-year old me...

pink plastic fandangos 4:30 (1999)

goliath sands 4:46 (2000)

soli and squalid 3:03 (1999)

kerrigan rain 4:31 (2000)

lucid vista 6:31 (2000)

aye, i can see a bozook 4:51 (1999)

the river dnar 4:28 (1999)

epidemic clouds 4:36 (1999)

bonk meets mad mountain (feat. monty python) 4:20 (1999)

make it stop 3:37 (1999)

fluffy on a train 4:21 (1998) this is the oldest surviving track after the destruction of my hard disk

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